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Everybody knows that fresh, relevant, and engaging content is good for your business. It increases your SEO rankings, helps you touch base with your customers, and, ideally, makes you more sales. In fact amazing content must do four things:


  1. Inform
  2. Entertain or Inspire
  3. Compel Sharing and;
  4. Sell

Most are lucky to inform their audience let alone sell to them.


Further, this new content must also center itself around a message; commonly known as a Unique Selling Proposition. A Unique Selling Proposition is best described as a statement that convinces someone to look or buy. And it must be short because you literally have 18-22words to make that happen.


Here are some examples of the types of USPs encounter in the modern world every day:Billboard Image


  • Social Media or Adwords ads: 10-12 words;
  • Blog Headlines: 8-10 words;
  • Elevator Pitches: 75 words;
  • Email subject Lines: 3-5 words;
  • Tweets: 15 words plus a link


Unique Selling Propositions Everywhere


We have tremendous opportunities in our everyday correspondences to write our very own Unique Selling Propositions, but his can be a daunting task. How do I communicate with my target market? How do I keep generating fresh ideas? And ultimately, how do I use my content to sell my services.


Luckily, there is a solution because there are ingredients to every great Unique Selling Proposition. Take a moment to fill out this form and you will see very soon that the possibilities are endless.


The Unique Selling Proposition Cookbook


Now that you have filled out our Unique Selling Proposition ingredient form–and received its response–it’s time to go to work. All the brainstorming I made you do is about to pay off.


The next step is to combine your ingredients until you find your new Unique Selling Proposition or blog article.


We will use my company, Elevated SEO & Web Design, to run through some examples:


A number + benefit:


5 tips to improve your Local SEO.


How to + benefit:


How to improve your local SEO.


How to + benefit + benefit:


How to improve your local SEO and get more customers.


Superlative + chief benefit:


The greatest way to be found by your customers.


Superlative + chief benefit + without:


The greatest way to be found by your customers without sweating the details.Man thinking


Benefit + competition:


Is your business getting less referrals? Find out where your new customers are hiding now.


Specific result:


Transforming small businesses from best kept secrets to local legends.


A number + mistakes to avoid:


5 mistakes to avoid when you design your own website.


Now, keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and creating your next great Unique Selling Proposition is only limited by your imagination. With this formula you should have enough ideas to generate, and test, content until you find the one that sells.


Until next time my friends, stay visible.

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