The Importance of defining your target market Online

One of the biggest challenges I hear from business owners is the struggle to stand out from the crowd on Social Media.

Not only do you have to engage your audience but you must figure out who the right audience is in the first place! When I set out to find my ideal client I had to ask myself three questions.

1. Who (what type of person) needs my services?
B2B- Business to Business, B2C- Business to Consumer, B4B- Business FOR Business, etc.

2. Who is already using my services and what are their demographics?
This works well if you already have some great clients!

3. How can my blog, offer, etc. help my client to achieve their financial or other goals?

This process can be a time-consuming effort but it is a worthwhile one. Once you have your ideal client demographics, marketing becomes more effortless because you are already addressing people who will be interested in what your message is conveying.

Elevated SEO and Web Design can help you identify and refine your target market, and by doing so can help your business put together a marketing campaign that you can’t ignore! We’d love if you “Liked” our Business page on Facebook and be sure to share it with your friends.