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A proclivity for success is in Andrew Boehm’s DNA, a trait the small business owner inherited from his great grandmother, Rose “Mrs. B” Blumkin.

“I grew up in the family business, working in Mrs. B’s Warehouse. I was very close with my great grandma. I idolized her,” he says.

While the late Mrs. B’s forte was furniture, Boehm’s expertise lies in full service, digital marketing.

“Technology is what I’m passionate about. Software is what I’m passionate about,” he says.

Boehm launched Elevated SEO & Web Design, the Greater Omaha Chamber’s August Small Business of the Month, five years ago with his best friend, Mark Javitch. Both had owned companies previously, but Boehm says he feels like he’s really found his entrepreneurial calling with this latest endeavor.

“We named our company ‘Elevated’ to get people the first page of Google – elevating you on the first page of Google, elevating your business,” says Boehm, who serves as company co-owner and project manager.

He adds, “We’ve been very consistent on our selling of SEO (search engine optimization) and web design. In the last two years, we’ve added more graphic design to our portfolio. Now, we’re working with bigger companies like the Havana Garage, Meridian Med Spa, Green Acres, Julio’s Tex-Mex restaurants; lots of great Omaha staples in this community.”

The company’s success, so far, has been fueled by an elevated emphasis on premier customer service.

“Being responsive, being able to take care of your clients’ needs is so huge. Our service is very robust and ongoing. We’re constantly doing things throughout the month for our clients. There’s much more that goes into it than say a newspaper ad or a billboard. It’s not static; it’s very dynamic,” Boehm says. “We are the doers. You tell us what to do, and we’ll do it for you. We can help you elevate and market your business.”

Among its services, Elevated SEO offers clients a thorough web and graphic design assessment.

“Our Elevated Marketing Blueprint is one of our newer products,” he explains. “We sit down with you, do a four-hour assessment, and then we create a 20-30 page book that becomes a blueprint for your business. It’s a whole marketing plan that you can follow towards success. We’ve really enjoyed that product a lot.”

Boehm says both he and the business – a team of five – have benefitted greatly from the insights of experienced mentors, including those with whom he shares a bloodline.

“My mom, ran Mrs. B’s Warehouse. My grandfather, Jerry Cohn, worked for the Nebraska Furniture Mart for over 30 years. He was a big part of the Furniture Mart becoming what it is today. Looking up to them, having them as my role models and mentors, I feel blessed.”

Boehm says he also received valuable mentorship from his father-in-law, the late Rick Fox, founder of Julio’s.

“I really loved being around Rick – such a hard-working guy who really loved his customers. I want to thank Rick for everything he’s done for me.”

Additionally, Elevated SEO participated in the Chamber’s THRIVE program, a free offering that includes four months of one-on-one consultation with a team of experts. They help determine areas of potential growth and improvement for participants – and make actionable recommendations.

“The access to successful business people in this community is phenomenal,” Boehm says. “Being a young business owner, you always have to look for mentors who will help you grow your business. I’ll never stop looking to learn and looking to find great mentors.”

That infusion of insight, leveraged to encourage client success, helped position Elevated SEO as the Chamber’s Small Business of the Month, what Boehm calls a great accolade.

“This being our fifth year in business, I feel like we’ve survived that hard landscape.”

Now, as the company enters its next five years, the focus is on the future. Boehm says he and Javitch have big goals and high aspirations. They are is particularly excited about a new concept Elevated SEO is developing called Clinic-Connect.com

“It’s a takeoff of the New York Stock Exchange, the Big Board. It’s a buy-sell exchange where people can sell their domains and websites,” Boehm says. “With BigiBoard, we have the opportunity to expand universally. Providing this new marketplace is going to really be something.”

Continuing a family tradition of entrepreneurship in his own way, Boehm, a father of two, says he feels like he’s hit his stride.

“After five years, I really have a good grasp on technology, marketing and business together. If I can support my family doing what I love, focus on my strengths, and continually grow and get better, that’s what it’s all about.”

United Republic Bank sponsors the Chamber’s Small Business of the Month award. To nominate a small business online, visit www.omahachamber.org. Nominees must be current Chamber members with 50 employees or less.